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I have been treating people since 2004 and I am still amazed everyday at people's ability to heal with just a gentle nudge of acupuncture and Chinese herbs.



Cancer after-care

I began seeing Heather in September of 2008 for a variety of health issues stemming from my diagnosis of colon cancer in 2006. I had been to doctor after doctor who ultimately decided that they had no idea what to do for me and all but gave up on treating me through "traditional" approaches. I came to Heather as a final attempt to make myself feel better through an alternative treatment. It wasn't long before I realized that Heather cared about my "whole body health" and wanted to play an integral part in helping me to restore my energy and overall sense of health. I have experienced so many successes with migraines, back pain, joint pain as well as an increase in my overall energy level. I have found that through acupuncture I have been far less stressed and have been much better able to be in touch with how my body feels and how to "listen" to myself in an effort to be more self aware. Heather is a very caring and compassionate service provider who I have recommended to anyone who has struggled with health issues or been unable get relief from traditional medical doctors. In the current climate of healthcare where the medical professionals simply try to "treat and street," it is refreshing to have someone who is truly dedicated to taking a step back and listening to her patients. Heather seems to enjoy the challenges that patients like me can bring and is determined to bring about health "break-throughs." I am so very lucky that I found Heather and have become a patient of hers; I am truly in the hands of an angel. HV


I started seeing Heather for acupuncture while experiencing a miscarriage after an IVF cycle. I was looking for a way to get my body regulated, without the use of medicine, since I felt the IVF cycle was hard on my body. Heather met with me, and was very open and honest with how she perceived my current health and the state of my body. I started sessions, twice a week, immediately. I had reservations about acupuncture, but was willing to give anything a try at that point. With Heather's help and healing therapeutic process, I was able to not only get my body regulated, but also conceive a child NATURALLY after 2 months of consistent acupuncture, and lifestyle changes suggested to me by Heather. My husband also started acupuncture with Heather, which I feel helped our fertility situation. I had all but given up hope at having a child, but with Heather's help and guidance, I am now pregnant with a healthy baby. I continue to receive acupuncture throughout the pregnancy, and I have had a wonderful experience with it all. I am a true believer in not only acupuncture, but Heather's ability to understand her clients on a very personal level, and meet their needs individually.

~Katy G

Cortland, IL

Fibromyalgia, Cancer aftercare

After years of pain and fatigue from fibromyalgia and numerous side effects from cancer treatments, I was encouraged by a friend to try acupuncture. I called Heather for an appointment, completed a very thorough health questionnaire and showed up for my first appointment. My expectation was extremely doubtful that acupuncture would do anything but I was desperate. The fatigue was causing me to take 2-3 hour naps daily and still sleep 8-10 hours at night. Heather showed such compassion and understanding as we went through my health history and then we started the first treatment. She said not to expect any immediate change but I did! After the treatment, I felt relaxed yet rejuvenated at the same time. Within a few weeks I was no longer taking daily naps, my pain levels were greatly reduced and I had energy for the first time in decades!  Over a year has gone by and now she’s working on my knee that should have received a replacement joint but she continues to work miracles and I’m able to walk 30 minutes a day. I could go on and on about the benefits of acupuncture and Heather’s ability to provide amazing results.

Toni S

 Foot pain

This summer I was diagnosed with cellulitis. I was given antibiotics by the doctor but I was still in a lot of pain. Heather was able to do what the doctors could not - she was able to make my foot pain-free in time for our vacation!  Thank you Heather!!   Trudy G.

Hypertension, Bone on bone arthritis, Neuropathy

 I ❤️ Heather and her dedication to her patients! She has helped me with Arthritis in my hands, high blood pressure, neuropathy in my feet, and bone on bone knee pain. Wow, I sound like I am a mess! But honestly, the needles do not hurt, and after a treatment, I feel like I have had a restful spa treatment. 😀  Peggy S.

Multiple Sclerosis Pain


Thank you so much for all the help you have done for me.  When I first started seeing you I was in a lot of pain - all over my body and mind.  I now feel so much better.  My pain has decreased to the point I dont even think about it and can function like a normal person every day.  You also let me talk about any problems or stress in my life and are such a good listener.  That has been a huge help.  You are a special person who is in the right kind of work.  Thanks again.  Fran 

Knee pain, post-TIA

Dear Heather,

My first appointment with you continues to be on my list of blessings every day.  The attentive and knowledgeable care you provided left my husband and myself humbled by your kindness.  The information on supplements was outstanding and so helpful.  I have made the adjustments and by Friday will have the replacement supplements that you recommended to complete the transition.  Thank you!  And my response to the first treatment of acupuncture with you is amazing.  I was a little wiped for about the first half hour of the trip home and needed the heater on because I was chilled.  And then I just kept feeling better and better and continue to be feeling better.  


How does one say thank you for a debt we cannot repay with health being restored.  I thank God for you and your heart to truly help others feel better every time I think of you.  And realized I needed to tell you how much we appreciated all that you did in just one appointment.  


May your day be blessed as you have mine,


Mary Beth H

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

By the way- I don’t know if you remember, I had Thoracic Outlet Syndrome and had some intense emotions. I’m happy to say now that I have no symptoms whatsoever. The acupuncture you did was the most helpful I’ve ever had and the most effective treatment I came by for the Thoracic Outlet. Some weeks after I saw you for appointments, I healed quite nicely. I tried some acupuncturists after I moved back to the West Suburbs, but didn’t find what they did as effective as your treatment.


Now, I’m happy to say I’m successful, pain-free and I’m also a dad of a 3 year old named Clark.


Thanks Heather! 


Whole Body Health

Heather is a dynamic practitioner with an expansive knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine and with unique knowledge and skill in body work methods (massage). For my own health, I have benefitted from her methods for use in aches and pains, menstrual health and bowel regularity, and especially for colds and prevention of colds. When patients team up acupuncture and physical therapy the results are accelerated and more profound. Heather is a deeply compassionate practitioner and I would recommend her to anyone. Lynn B

Infant  Colic 

 Heather Vandeburg used acupuncture on my 6-month-old son with GI issues, colic, and not sleeping. After 1 treatment I got my first 8 hours of sound sleep since my pregnancy. After the second treatment, we got a normal 10-hour sleep on a regular basis. My son is now a healthy 11 years old. Thank you, Heather! MH

Multiple Sclerosis

I just want to tell you how much we appreciate all your help and your application of Chinese Medicine. You have truly changed my life. You have given me hope and guidance with so many issues. Your manner is professional but kind and caring. I call you my guru because you guide me in so many ways.I just want to thank you for everything that you have done and that you do! Teresa S.

Chronic Vomiting and Nausea 

"For six months I was struggling with chronic nausea and severe vomiting. My gastroenterologist ordered test after test that all came back negative, leaving me with a hopeless feeling. After being prescribed an anti-nausea medicine with potentially severe side effects, I decided that was not the route I wanted to take and began researching other, more natural, options. I called Heather to see if she thought that acupuncture could help, she sat down with me and developed a care plan that gave me hope for the first time since the onset of my symptoms. After just two treatments I was seeing better results than I had in six months of doctor visits and expensive medical tests! Not only did the nausea and vomiting subside over the course of my treatment, but I also noticed dramatic improvements in my mood. I had never done acupuncture for something like this, but after experiencing the exceptional benefits I would recommend this course of treatment to anyone!

-Laura T"


I had been battling with fatigue and shoulder tension for quite some time and I was looking for a new method to help with my symptoms. I'd tried chiropractic and massage, which both helped with shoulder tension, but results didn't last and it did nothing for my fatigue.

This is my third visit for acupuncture and I'll admit that I didn't feel a whole lot after my first visit. I did sleep better that night, but otherwise, not too much had changed. After a few days of adhering to Heather's advice on diet/nutrition, I did start to feel less lethargic, so I was heading in the right direction.

After my second session, I began to feel much less lethargic and I realized I no longer felt the tension in my shoulders on a daily basis. By the end of the week, I was feeling MUCH better. I no longer felt like I was pulling myself through the day. I actually had the energy to last through a workday and when I finally did feel tired it felt like a natural tired from a busy day as opposed to the dragging fatigue I would wake up and slog through the day with.

My third acupuncture visit today was absolutely wonderful. I felt completely relaxed and comfortable through the entire session. I kept drifting in and out of dream visions in my head and each time I'd wake up I just felt like my body was almost humming it felt so relaxed and comfortable. I left feeling uplifted and rejuvenated.

I plan to continue with Heather's advice for diet/nutrition and to periodically stop in for a session of acupuncture to keep things in balance. I'm so thankful to feel energized and tension free again. I realize I still have some things in my life to work on for lasting success, but I feel that Whole Body Health got me on the right track and I'm extremely grateful for the guidance.

Thanks, Heather!


Tried other acupuncture

ChronicHeadaches, Neck pain 

At a friend’s recommendation, I visited Heather at Whole Body Health and was impressed with her knowledge and compassion. I had had acupuncture before with no positive results, but after six weekly treatments, my symptoms are fading. She counsels on good health and has extensive knowledge of Chinese medicine. I am relieved that I found her. Amy W

wbh swirl.png

Anxiety, itching, joint pain, numbness

Brandon H suggested that I start acupuncture for my headaches. For years I would get them daily. It wasn't often that they would interfere with my ADL's but they would. Every week it has been something new. I think my favorite thing so far has been the gua sha. It was amazing.

A couple weeks ago I slept wrong and my back has been bothering me, my left side, its always my left side. I finally went and had an adjustment BUT today when I went for my treatment she did something specifically to help with this pain. It was immediate and instant relief with 6 small needles (3 in each hand). If you have ever been interested I suggest you try it. I see Heather at Whole Body Health Acupuncture ( I don't know if I get credit for referrals and I don't care. If you're in pain or need help I bet she can help you. Try it. It is so worth it. 

Kari H

Heather at WHOLE BODY HEALTH in Sycamore IL, patients her clients out of her beautiful historic home just two blocks west of Sycamore’s downtown area but still on the main drag. She has been my acupuncturist quite regularly since 2019 but off and on for years prior as needed. Her decades of the practice and knowledge of acupuncture and ongoing learning, have afforded me great relief over the years. She has treated me for stress and anxiety, joint pain, circulation related numbness and distress, skin disease itching and did I say stress yet!!! Heather communicates and educates me freely when I ask questions. She starts each sessions with a short ‘check in’ of questions of what is going on in my life that may give her the benefit for the both of us as to any areas of concern I would like her to focus on during our session. The office is warm and inviting with comforts beyond typical, enabling you to feel relaxed and comforted but professionally cared for with her holistic approach. I have immense respect for Heather and feel very fortunate that all her skills and knowledge and caring personality has become a regular part of my of my physical and mental well-being.

Julie Woodward

Dekalb County, IL

Neuropathy, Spider vein removal, overall health

IThe  neuropathy in my feet and hands is GREATLY  improved.  The Spider veins in my legs are GONE!  My overall Health and Wellbeing is FANTASTIC.  I sing your praises to everyone.  Will see you at our next appointment. 

Leslie P-N

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