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Balance the body....Achieve health

Free 15 minute evaluations
Give the office a call to set one up 815-751-6424
Practicing since 2004

Please wait for the person before you to leave before you come
into the office.  My grey Ford F150  is permanently parked by the garage. It is not a patient car.


If  you are setting up a New Patient appointment, please fill out the Health History form .  Thanks and I look forward to meeting you.  Remember to wear loose fitting clothing, come to your appointment well fed and hydrated. Please  try not to participate in extreme activities before or after acupuncture.  Examples would be anything that increases your heart rate.

Whole Body Health Acupuncture is a full service Traditional Chinese Medicine clinic.  We are Acupuncture specialists.  Other treatment options at the clinic are: Acupressure, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Gua Sha, Cupping, Auricular (Ear) therapy, Electro-stimulation,  and diet therapy.



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