There are new policies in place to keep everyone safer. compliance is mandatory. 
Please wait for the person before you to leave before you come
into the office.  My daughters car (silver Buick la sabre)  is permanently parked by the garage. It is not a patient car.

Please use the hand sanitizer.
Please bring a bag for your belongings. 
Bring as little as possible in with you.  Including guests.
Please wear a mask.
Please take you shoes off, leave them on the rug by the door. 

There is a note on the door to remind you of all these things. 
It will be good to see everyone.

Balance the body....Achieve health

Whole Body Health Acupuncture is a full service Traditional Chinese Medicine clinic.  We are Acupuncture specialists.  Other treatment options at the clinic are: Acupressure, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Gua Sha, Cupping, Auricular (Ear) therapy, Electro-stimulation,  and diet therapy.




If  you are setting up a New Patient appointment, please fill out the Medical History form located above.  Thanks and I look forward to meeting you.  Remember to wear loose fitting clothing, come to your appointment well fed and hydrated.